NEW! Dockline PLANET - Because we care

Published Thursday, 9 January 2020

  • NEW! Dockline PLANET - Because we care

NEW! Dockline PLANET - Because we care.

Alpha-Ropes are introducing, “ Dockline PLANET ”. A new version of the Dockline Alpha, but made of 100% rPET Fiber. This rope is made of yarns based on recycled polymer, extruded from post-consumer and industrial plastics. These yarns have a high strength and are recyclable over and over again. PET industrial yarns are usually oil based, but in this product we don’t use the scarce oil of our planet, instead we use yarns from recycled polymer.

In the context of Cotesi's social responsibility, recycling has gained in recent years a primordial importance. The implementation of measures to reduce the ecological footprint was in line with our motto:

 “Life is better with Cotesi”.

Currently, Cotesi has an internal system to reintroduce 100% of production waste into new products. We invest in the know-how of the various production areas to offer the market solutions from recycled materials, industrial waste and environmentally friendly components. These products are strong bets in the crop packaging and yachting & leisure business areas so far.

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