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Soft Shackle

Soft Shackle

DyneemaŽ Sk78 soft shackle with quick release. No longer damage to masts, decks and spinnaker tracks due to this soft and light weight material. It is stronger than steel similar size steal shackles. These DyneemaŽ soft shackles are easy and quick to attach and are ideal for sheets and halyards use.
  • Tecnhical Informations
    Diameters: 3mm to 6mm / 1/8 to 1/2inch

    Diameter Breaking Load
    mm inches kgf lbf kN
    3 1/ 4 1.166 2.571 11,4
    4 5/16 1.957 4.314 19,2
    5 3/8 3.500 7.716 34.3
    6 1/ 2 5.000 11.023 49.0