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D-Cup 78 Kmix TN

D-Cup 78 Kmix TN

Double braid. 12 strand, coated Dyneema SK78® core + 24 plait , HT Polyester + Technora® cover.
  • Advantages
    • High load uses
    • Excellent grip on jammers & Clutches
    • Good grip on winches
    • Ideal for halyards and Spinnaker sheets.
  • Tecnhical Informations
    Colors: Mix Black( Technora® ), Red, Green, Royal Blue, yellow and Orange
    Other colors by demand. 

    Standard Diameters (mm/inches): 4 to 24mm / 5/32" to 1"

                                 Breaking strengh Kgf
     2,5mm-7/64"  3mm-1/8"  4mm-5/32"  5mm-3/16"  6mm-1/4"  7mm-9/16"  8mm-5/16"  10mm- 3/8"  12mm-1/2"  14mm-9/16" 
    D CORE 786089721.6313.3124.0846.1077.10410.40112.70014.990
    V COREX8901.4502.4503.4605.1006.0008.70011.68013.800
    D-CUP 78XX8001.4501.7501.9503.0904.9006.6008.400
    V CUPXX7361.3341.6101.8002.9004.6006.1007.750
    D-CUP 78 KMIXXX8001.4501.7501.9503.0904.9006.6008.400
    D-CUP 78 KMIX TnXX8001.4501.7501.9503.0904.9006.6008.400
    TOP CRUISER MAXXXXX1.530X2.6003.6004.9006.400
      TOP CRUISER MAX Kmix  XXXX1.530X2.6003.6004.9006.400
    ULTRANEEMA PROXXXX1.200X2.3003.5204.3006.200
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