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D-Core 99 XTM

D-Core 99 XTM

SK99®– the latest offering from DSM Dyneema®. SK99 has 20% strength advantage over SK78 and crucially retains the same elongation and creep characteristics as SK78 – outgunning SK90 on all levels! SK99 has an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and has carved a niche for itself as the ultimate performance core material.
Construction: 12 strand coated Dyneema® Sk99 core, with an EXTREME PRE-STRETCH.
  • Advantages
    • Lightweight, excellent UV Resistance
    • Ultimate performance core material
    • High dynamical load applications.
    • On avarage 20% stronger than SK78® XTM
  • Tecnhical Informations
    Colors: White, grey, black and yellow.
    Other colors on demand

    Diameters (mm / inches): 4 to 10mm / 5/32’’ to 3/8’’

    DiameterWeightBreaking Load
     mm  inches  ktex  Kg/100m  lbs/100ft kgflbfkN
    103/858,75,93,9 14.520  32.011  142,4 
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