Sustainability & Innovation


Cotesi implements measures to reduce the ecological footprint.

Climate change is the biggest environmental threat, affecting many areas of our daily lives: economy, society and environment. We are all responsible, without exception.

Industries and consumers are sometimes unaware of the impact they can have on the environmental balance, thus increasing their ecological footprint.

In the context of Cotesi's social responsibility, this theme has gained in recent years a primordial importance. The implementation of measures to reduce the ecological footprint was in line with our motto: “Life is better with Cotesi”.


Cotesi currently has an internal system to reintroduce 100% of production waste into new products. We invest in the know-how of the various production areas to offer the market solutions from recycled materials, industrial waste and environmentally friendly components. These products are strong bets in the crop packaging and yachting & leisure business areas so far.

As an organization born of twine and ropes from sisal - natural fiber, Cotesi had never let go of this root and continues to promote this 100% natural and environmentally friendly solution for both agricultural and marine applications.

But Cotesi has gone further in terms of production processes and R&D in the synthetic baler twine business, with the new UNI-TECH product range: a thinner twine for the same performance compared to the previous one. This new technology is committed to reducing 10-20% of plastic in the field.

In accordance with its internal social and civil responsibility policy, Cotesi always tries to choose its business partners and suppliers who develop 'environmentally friendly' solutions on a daily basis.